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Sarandi Arhiyeni Greek School

The Greek School was founded in Selimpaşa (Epivati) in the 19th century by Dr. It is an educational institution built by a Greek named Sarandi Arhiyeni and given as a gift to the people of the region.

The school, which provides education as a mixed primary school for boys and girls, has managed to reach today and still continues its primary function as a primary school.

Sarandi Arhiyeni Greek Schools The building, known as the Arhiyeni school complex, has now been turned into an additional service building of the municipality and put into service.

The first building of the structure, which consists of 3 units, was built in 1857. At the time it was built, it is the most important structure of the region, together with the Clock Tower and 2 churches on the road front.

In 1863, Kirk Martiller Church was built in the backyard of the building for the use of students. In 1868, two new buildings were built in the same complex.

The buildings built later became a girls' school and female students were trained to do professions such as nuns, teachers and nurses.

There was also an orphanage, dormitory and dining hall in the complex. Unfortunately, the church inside the building was demolished in 1955.


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