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Selymbria Silivri Alexios Apokaukos Church Cistern

Alexios Apokaukos Church is the most important of the religious architectural works in Silivri (Selymbria), which has historical and cultural importance.

It is the Alexios Apokaukos Church, which came to life in the last period of Byzantium and was converted into a foundation after the conquest of Mehmet the Conqueror, and has largely lost its existence except for its foundation ruins today.

The building, which came to light after the researches published by Prof.Dr.Semavi Eyice, was converted from a church to a mosque and was named Fatih Mosque.

As a result of Eyice's research, the architectural work began to be recognized and valued.

It is recorded in the records that the building was rebuilt by Alexios Apokaukos, who had an important place in Byzantine history.

The architectural delicacies of the Palaiologos period played a role in the recognition of the work.

Alexios Apokaukos Church Cistern A magnificent cistern from the Byzantine period is located just below the Alexios Apokaukos Church.

However, the cistern is much larger than the church. The church was built over the cistern. Except for the western entrance, the total length of the cistern shows 45 meters.

The north and south walls of the church are located on the foundation formed by the two side walls of the cistern. The architecture of the cistern was planned in a rectangular shape.

If you look carefully, you can see great mastery and care. Artifacts belonging to Ottoman, Roman, Byzantine and various states are preserved in the cistern.


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