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Selimpaşa New Mosque – Virgin Mary Church

Built in the Selimpaşa region in the 1700s, the Virgin Mary Church with its rectangular architecture remained only four walls for many years.

The church, which has a 300-year history, was restored in 2007 and converted into a mosque by adding a minaret and pulpit.

Selimpasa Neighborhood; It became a neighborhood in 2009. Located in the southeast of Silivri, the neighborhood is a coastal town located 12 km from the center of Silivri.

The neighborhood is exactly on the E-5 highway, on the shores of the Marmara Sea, and is a popular town for summer residents. When we look at the population of the town, it is seen that the majority of the people came from Western Thrace, Thessaloniki Drama and Langaza during the population exchange years.

The establishment period of Selimpaşa neighborhood goes back to very old times. The neighborhood was known as "Epivates" in the Byzantine period and was a region surrounded by walls. The owner of the town is recorded as a woman named Paraskeva, known as Azize.

In the following years, the town passed into the ownership of Alexios, who had Alexios Apokakuos built in Silivri. The bones (relic) of St. Epivates were preserved in a church in Silivri in the same period.

There were a total of four churches in the region, and none of these churches unfortunately survived. Today, there are no traces or remnants of the walls that surrounded the neighborhood when the Ottomans took the ownership of Selimpaşa Neighborhood.

Selimpaşa was conquered by the Turks for the first time through the son of Orhan Gazi, Murat Bey. The neighborhood, which was captured by the Ottomans, was called “Bigados”, and in the Republican period, it was named Selimpaşa.


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