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Çantuğa Greek Church (Priest's Church)

Silivri has a building architecture that is frequently encountered. One of the best examples of this architecture is the Çantuğa Greek Church.

This is actually a building from the Greeks. It is known by the names of Pastor and Winery Church. Many rumors were made by the locals about the building, but no information about these rumors was found in the records. However, in the archive scans made by the Ministry of Culture, information was found that the building known as the "Şaraphane Church" (Priest's Church) was an inn rather than a church, and even known as the "Deveciler Inn".

The Istanbul Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board no. II registered the building and included it in the protection group. The current state of the building is a dysfunctional and abandoned building. Çanta Köyü; It is a neighborhood belonging to Silivri, which is located in the west of Silivri, approximately 14 km from the district center, has a coast to the Sea of Marmara, and was granted the status of a neighborhood in 2009.

Due to the fact that it is a settlement by the coast, touristic investments are made in the region. When we look at the origin of the Çanta District, it changed places four times before it reached its current state. The first settlement dates back to the Byzantine Period. The settlement in Cambaztepe was located close to the beach. The area, which became the target of pirates due to its proximity to the beach, was abandoned after a while.

The people, who were looking for a place to be protected from pirates, settled in the place between two fountains, which used to be called Çanta Village, now known as Hasan Çeşme and Hüseyin Fountains. Çanta Village had the name "Çantuğa", which means bag in Greek, before taking the name "Çanta". The name Çantuğa changed over time to the form of a çanta. Çanta village went through its next change due to the landslide that started in the settlement called Değirmenköy. Villages on the same fault line were affected by the landslide and the 800-year-old settlement in Canta was destroyed. Çanta village was reopened to settlement in 1972.


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